Tire Intelligence has officially reached 500 Million tire prices in its Database
With combined experience and expertise in both technology and tire industries, Tire Intelligence offers compelling business services to tire professionals that significantly improve competitiveness in the market.

Offering tire professionals easy and reliable solutions to analyze competitive pricing and product information, Tire Intelligence provides continually evolving, up-to date, intelligent market data for all companies within the tire industry.

How we help?

Tire Manufacturers
  • Monitor how your products are positioned vs. other tire manufacturers
  • Monitor how your promotions are executed by your distribution channels
  • Examine your product portfolio vs. other tire manufacturers
  • Deliver compelling content to your distribution channels
  • Access to the expertise of our tire and technology veterans
Tire Dealers
  • Optimize your pricing strategy in your market
  • Reduce time and costs of manually checking prices
  • Improve your margin opportunity
  • Instant "on-the-go" or in-store retail pricing data
  • Create a compelling internet presence for your dealership
  • Access to the expertise of our tire and technology veterans
Tire Distributors
  • Determine what type of business offer would be most appropriate for your immediate priorities.  Offer a value added service for retail price from your website to increase traffic, increase time spent on your website, increase loyalty and order volume.   
  • Resell the Tire Intelligence “Retail Price Compare” service product to your dealers.  This can be completely managed by Tire Intelligence and linked from your site and branded as your site.  In this case the Dealer would download a database extract monthly or weekly with selected brands and sites.
  • Resell the mobile price monitor in a similar way as in (2) above.
  • List Opening Price Points on your Website or sell an OPP service in a similar fashion as above.
  • Send weekly “news breaks” to your Dealers about pricing trends, OPP, best tires to sell, etc.
Dean Schwartz - Lloyd's Tire ServiceTire Dealer Testimonial - June 2013
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“I was introduced to Tire Intelligence and its services through a direct manufacturer program that I am a part of. I have a single dealership in Santa Cruz, CA, which is a very competitive market. I’ve found that the data from Tire Intelligence has been very helpful in helping me to think through my pricing strategy and to be proactive in adapting to the market pricing in my area. Overall, the Tire Intelligence tools are easy to use, and the data is very valuable to me and my business.”

Fred Allen III - Allen TireTire Dealer Testimonial - June 2013
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"Our dealership is located in Los Angeles, which is one of the most competitive tire markets in the country. It is a constant battle to keep up with current pricing and market trends in an efficient way. The data we get from Tire Intelligence has greatly helped our internal processes by saving us a tremendous amount of time and money, along with positively affecting our bottom line. We’ve been able to increase margins and find opportunities that we didn’t realize we were missing. It is a great tool for any pricing strategy, but more importantly, it frees up our time to do what we do best: focus on selling tires."
Dennis Pritchett - Free Service Tire Company, Inc.Tire Dealer Testimonial - May 2013
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Retail Price Compare has proven to be very useful in shaping our pricing strategy. It has opened our eyes to areas of opportunity, and has made us more competitive in our local market. In some cases, we realized that we were significantly below what the market could bear, and were able to raise our price. Using this data has made a significant impact on our bottom line.

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