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With more than 75 years combined experience in the tire industry and over 130 years of combined technology experience, Tire Intelligence offers compelling  business services to tire professionals that significantly improve competitiveness in the market. A part of Lizeo Group, Tire Intelligence is positioned to offer global solutions to its customers.

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We opened our doors in 2012 as a small company with a vision to bring high quality marketing intelligence to the tire industry.  Our products and services helps tire professionals make better business decisions.  Since 2012 we have grown significantly.  We have grown from a simple retail pricing data provider, to a provider of complete services for the tire industry – pricing data, business analytics solution, product portfolio analysis, digital content, etc.  In 2015 we were acquired by Lizeo Group, an international company, headquartered in Lyon, France with over 100 employees located in 3 regional offices – Charlotte, NC, Lyon, France and Shanghai, China.  While our products and services meets the world wide needs of our larger customers, we remained committed to having local experts who understand the unique needs of the NA market.




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