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Tire Intelligence, LLC, based in Charlotte, NC, is a technology firm focused completely on providing business intelligence solutions to the tire industry. With more than 50 years combined experience in the tire industry, and over 100 years combined experience in the technology industry, Tire Intelligence is suited to deliver the highest quality data to the tire industry.

The best of both worlds! Tire and Technology Expertise

Our focus, QUALITY!

Every day, Tire Intelligence collects, qualifies, and quality assures hundreds of thousands of retail tire prices for over 90 brands across 2,900 unique sizes from retailers all across the United States to give tire manufacturers, distributors, and retailers an intelligent advantage over the competition.


All services are 100% customizable to fit each individual business’s needs.
The local tire dealer may not require the same industry data that a large manufacturer does, which is why each customer relationship is customized. No matter which segment of the tire industry a business operates in, Tire Intelligence is there to help it be more competitive in that space.


Tire Intelligence is able to create personalized data packages based on daily, weekly, or monthly updates, encompassing information from 1 to 160 unique sources and websites.

Tire Intelligence, LLC. Your Trusted Source for Tire Information ®.
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We sell business intelligence services to tire professionals.