Zach Intern at Tire Intelligence

My internship at
Tire Intelligence was a unique and enriching experience. While working as a Pricing Analyst, I was able to collect and analyze valuable information for the company. I found it rewarding to hear the specific ways in which this information would be used to better the services offered by Tire Intelligence. Through a series of presentations I was able to learn about the whole company, from Marketing to IT. Then, through my day-to-day activities I was able to experience many of the facets of the company about which I learned. This insight into all aspects of the company was extremely valuable for me as I work to discover future career opportunities in business. The employees of Tire Intelligence were also very receptive and friendly, helping to make the internship enjoyable from beginning to end. I would highly recommend an internship at Tire Intelligence to anyone interested in learning about a small business environment.

The Internship at Tire Intelligence

Interning at Tire Intelligence has been a great opportunity. I enjoyed working on relevant projects that could have a real and lasting impact on the success of the company. I was given the chance to explore solutions to tasks on my own and then participate in regular meetings to discuss those solutions or any setbacks I encountered. It was great to work for a small innovative company with great people that care about what they do and have fun doing it. I look forward to the chance of working with the team at Tire Intelligence again in the future.