The growing impact of internet prices on tires

This week, major US “brick-and-mortar” retailers announced that during this holiday season they will match their prices with major online retailers such as: Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Wall-Mart, and Toys R Us.

Last year, these companies lost sales due to increased online competition and this year they have decided to be much more pro-active in combating the online pricing game. Analysts believe that based on their success this holiday season, this practice could be extended throughout the following year.


NC State University Engineering Career Fair

Tomorrow, Tire Intelligence will be present at the NC State University Engineering Career Fair.

Our goal is to explain to potential candidates the jobs opportunities that Tire Intelligence could offer to them.

Come to see our booth, we have lots of goodies.

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20 employees

The business is growing so fast… We had to hire more people.

We are now officially 20 people in the team.

2 new interns

2 new interns joined Tire Intelligence this week!

They will focus on pricing studies to reinforce our understanding of pricing zones in the USA.

We are very excited to have them working for us.