We signed a new Tire Dealer in Philadelphia


We signed a new Tire Dealer in Philadelphia.

They have 3 stores.

They bought Retail Price Compare with Monthly Updates.

Philadelphia is a very competitive market.

Be able to monitor, compare and adjust prices based on the competitive landscape is critical.

We signed a Tire Dealer with 9 stores

Number 9

We signed a Tire Dealer in North Carolina.

They have 9 stores.

They bought Retail Price Compare with weekly updates.

Thank you Andy!

Feel free to contact Andy for a FREE trial.

Tire Intelligence at a Vendor Fair

Tire Intelligence at a Vendor Fair

Monday we were invited at a Tire Manufacturer vendors fair.

We met existing (and happy) customers (Tire Dealers).


New Customer Testimonial

This time we have a new testimonial from Terry's Tire Town a Tire Distributor.

"At Terry’s Tire Town, we have one of the most comprehensive sets of marketing, advertising and co-op support programs available for tire dealers today.  We listen to our dealers and what they need to assist them in competing in today’s market place. Staying informed about the competition is a difficult challenge for every business.  Today’s consumer can shop faster and reach further than ever before. Our dealers need to stay informed.  They need “intelligence”  We have greatly improved our existing program by compiling and integrating real time market pricing data and placed directly inside our dealer portal TerrysDirect.com  What is the benefit to the dealers?  Easy access to current market prices, right inside Terrysdirect.com, empowering our dealers to stay on top of their competition. Working together with Tire-Intelligence enabled us here at Terry’s Tire Town to offer this to our dealers.  When our dealers succeed we succeed.”

Mark Lindsey
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

We Signed Another Tire Manufacturer!


We Signed Another Tire Manufacturer!

We now officially sell our market intelligence services to 5 tire manufacturers in North America!

This morning we signed a new tire manufacturer.

Why did they sign with Tire Intelligence?

#1 Quality of the data

#2 Reliability of data delivery

#3 The fact that our data covers markets beyond the US, including Canada, Mexico, and Latin America.

#4 The combination of tire and technology experts

We are very excited about this news!

If you are a Tire Manufacturer interested by market intelligence services, please contact us!

We signed a new customer in Florida

We signed a new customer!

This customer is located in Florida.

He bought our flagship pricing service: Retail Price Compare.

He will receive weekly updates (Florida is a very competitive market).

Retail Price Compare enables Tire Dealers to monitor and adjust their pricing strategy based on market based data.

If you are interested by a FREE trial, please send us an email.