Welcome Claire!

Welcome Claire!

Claire joined Tire Intelligence this week as a Database Librarian.

Her mission is simple:
Make sure that we deliver to our customers the highest data quality level!

Our services are used by
Tire Manufacturers, Tire Distributors and Tire Dealers to analyze what is going on with their competition! So having high quality data is MANDATORY to make the right business decisions.

We sold a new Business Intelligence Suite Contract

Business Intelligence Suite June 2014

What an amazing week!

We signed today a
new contract with a Tire Manufacturer on our Business Intelligence Suite.

What are the benefits of our Business Intelligence Suite?

  • We take care of integrating our data (Public Data) with your data (Private Data)
  • We update weekly or monthly your BIG database
  • We create views to enable your team to spend more time analyzing the data vs. building the data

This solution applies for Tire Manufacturers with a small to a big team.

So if you have one or two pricing analysts, it could be a great way to increase drastically their productivity!

What are you waiting for?
Contact us for a FREE demonstration.

New contract with a Tire Manufacturer

We signed a new contract with a Tire Manufacturer!

This time we will do a study to understand the maturity of the Internet presence of
Tire Dealers.

If you are interested to leverage our tire and technology expertise
contact us.