US Tire Dealers Web Assessment

We performed a study on 150 Tire Dealers in the US in Q1 2015.

US Digital Web Assessment Barometer

We studied 3 areas:

  • The Web Visibility (covering Google, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube, etc.)
  • The Web Site Content (covering the tire content for consumers, descriptions, pictures, tire selector, etc.)
  • The Web to Store features (directions, online appointments, request for quotes, etc.)

The highlights of the study are:

73% of the Tire Dealers are below basic or basic as related to the Web Visibility. Clearly, they are not doing the basics to be able to take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Yelp to generate leads for the business.

57% of the Tire Dealers are advanced as related to the Web Site Content. The main driver for this result is the usage of "template" based companies. 79% of the advanced dealers are using this type of web agencies.

26% of the Tire Dealers are advanced as related to the Web to Store features. That means that the majority of them are just doing the basic work to attract consumers from the internet to the stores.

If you are interested to re-publish this information or if you are interested by doing an assessment of your company please contact us.

Consulting Service: Digital Assessments


We just finished the digital assessment of more than 150 tire dealers in the US!

We are looking at:

  • The Web Visibility
  • The Content of the Web Site
  • The Web to Store capabilities

This is part of our consulting services portfolio.

If you are interested to for your company or if you are a tire manufacturer or a tire distributor interested to give value added services to the tire dealers, please contact us.

A Premiere! New Contract with a Tire Manufacturer


A Premiere!

For the first time ever we sold at the same time a price monitoring service and a business intelligence suite to a tire manufacturer!

It is a great news and the recognition of the quality of our database, our services and also our team.

Congratulations to the team for a great team work.

New version of Mobile Price Monitor

New! Mobile Price Monitor

We did it!

iPad Mobile Price Monitor

We have received many requests from existing customers to understand what is included in the prices displayed online by retailers.

We released a new version of Mobile Price Monitor including this information.

How does it work?

Next to a given price we have added a small information icon.

By clicking on this icon, you can see what is included in the price: Tire, Shipping and Handling, and Installation.

If you are interested in trying this service, please contact us.