Zach Intern at Tire Intelligence

My internship at
Tire Intelligence was a unique and enriching experience. While working as a Pricing Analyst, I was able to collect and analyze valuable information for the company. I found it rewarding to hear the specific ways in which this information would be used to better the services offered by Tire Intelligence. Through a series of presentations I was able to learn about the whole company, from Marketing to IT. Then, through my day-to-day activities I was able to experience many of the facets of the company about which I learned. This insight into all aspects of the company was extremely valuable for me as I work to discover future career opportunities in business. The employees of Tire Intelligence were also very receptive and friendly, helping to make the internship enjoyable from beginning to end. I would highly recommend an internship at Tire Intelligence to anyone interested in learning about a small business environment.

The Internship at Tire Intelligence

Interning at Tire Intelligence has been a great opportunity. I enjoyed working on relevant projects that could have a real and lasting impact on the success of the company. I was given the chance to explore solutions to tasks on my own and then participate in regular meetings to discuss those solutions or any setbacks I encountered. It was great to work for a small innovative company with great people that care about what they do and have fun doing it. I look forward to the chance of working with the team at Tire Intelligence again in the future.


Caneshia shares her experience at Tire Intelligence

Caneshia will finish her internship this week!

We asked
Caneshia to share her experience as an intern at Tire Intelligence.

"As a data analyst for the spring session, I learned more about myself as a professional while enhancing my statistical and communication skills. The culture supports learning and communication. The small size of the company gives you an opportunity to interact with the CEO and other influential people within the company. Aside from presentations where you learn how each role, in the company, contributes to its overall success, there are also lunch & learns where you are introduced to projects in development and can question and learn more about the business. This internship is best for self-starting and inquisitive personalities because they will have the opportunity to explore and discover new things. I recommend this experience to interns looking to challenge themselves. " - Caneshia Spring 2014

Mark, Data Analyst Intern Testimony

Interning at Tire Intelligence has been an amazing stepping stone to move me from just a student to a confident career candidate. The staff has so much to offer; they are very willing to coach young students and teach them with a lot of challenges and grace.


Darshan, Data Analyst Intern Testimony

Working at Tire Intelligence as a Data Analyst intern, has been a very enriching experience since the start of day one of my internship. Over the course of 10 weeks, little did I know that I would learn so much, in what seems like so little of time.

Spring 2013 Internship

Our two interns left Tire Intelligence last week.

They did a great job helping us improving our tire price monitoring service.

If you are interested or if you know someone who could be interested to be an intern at Tire Intelligence, read or forward the testimony of Mason and Vince.