Tire Intelligence and TCS partnered to provide a competitive edge to Tire Dealers

Stay up to date with market prices: Right inside your TCS POS system

Now more than ever, tire and automotive service consumers are relying on the Internet to check and verify market prices for products and services, often times while standing in-store. What’s the best way for dealers to stay ahead of this trend?  The integration of market prices directly into their POS System, and the ability to create price points directly off the competition. 

Tire Intelligence and TCS Technologies have partnered together in allowing TCS customers viewable access to marketplace tire prices directly from within their Tire Power point-of-sale system.  The pricing data provided by Tire Intelligence will give TCS’ customers the competitive edge they need by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of their strategic pricing plan. 

The benefits are simple: time, efficiency, accuracy, consumer trust, and a competitive edge in providing customer service.

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