SEMA 2014, A success already

SEMA 2014

After 2 days at SEMA 2014, we met with more than 30 tire manufacturers! Some of them are existing customers and we identified new business opportunities, some of them are new customers. The key services they are looking for are: pricing services, business intelligence services and we demonstrated for the 1st time an iPad application demonstrating our imaging, 3D and interactive capabilities. 

We met with many
Tire Dealers and we created on the show 17 new accounts! It is very interesting to note that some the these new customers got referred by some of our existing customers. Clearly the word of mouth is working and it is easier and easier for us to sign new customers!

Last but not least we met with media companies, web agencies, etc. Everybody is very interested by the massive market intelligence database we created… stay tuned to see some new partnerships in the coming months.

What do you think of our booth? Give us your opinion. 

Back from SEMA 2013

We are back from SEMA 2013!

This was our second year exhibiting at SEMA in Las Vegas.