Caneshia, I recommend this experience to interns

Caneshia will leave Tire Intelligence as an intern by the end of this week.

Caneshia summarized her internship with us!

"As a data analyst for the spring session, I learned more about myself as a professional while enhancing my statistical and communication skills. The culture supports learning and communication. The small size of the company gives you an opportunity to interact with the CEO and other influential people within the company. Aside from presentations where you learn how each role, in the company, contributes to its overall success, there are also lunch & learns where you are introduced to projects in development and can question and learn more about the business. This internship is best for self-starting and inquisitive personalities because they will have the opportunity to explore and discover new things. I recommend this experience to interns looking to challenge themselves."- Caneshia Spring 2014

Be an intern at Tire Intelligence

What does it mean to be an intern at Tire Intelligence?

We asked Lawrence.

"The internship program at Tire Intelligence has been a great learning and confidence building opportunity for me, a Software & Information Systems major at UNC Charlotte. Before starting at Tire Intelligence, I did not expect to be making meaningful contributions to the company. However, I was quickly integrated into the research and development team as a systems administrator where I was tasked with many duties crucial to both the workflow of the team and the actual networked environment. On a day-to-day basis I was exposed to all aspects of the Tire Intelligence network from physical server maintenance at a datacenter to deploying end-user applications from the office. The amount and scope of hands-on, real world experience I gained at Tire Intelligence is unprecedented and something that not many interns are able to experience early on. Additionally, I was able to meet with people from all aspects of the company, ranging from the CEO to the developers, which gave me great insight of what is needed for a technology startup such as Tire Intelligence to operate. Meeting with the various people of Tire Intelligence also made my daily responsibilities meaningful because I was able to see how I was impacting and contributing to all aspects of the company. My time at Tire Intelligence has allowed me to hone my current skills while also gaining new abilities, which I will carry with me into future positions. I truly enjoyed the experience, the culture, and the people of Tire Intelligence."- Lawrence Spring 2014

We hire a Database Librarian!

We hire a new Database Librarian!

The Database Librarian is a pivotal job inside our organization. Our clients are basing some of their business decisions (pricing, product line offering, etc.) on the data quality we are providing to them. We are processing millions of data elements on a daily basis, so be ready for a very exciting, but very challenging job.

This position reports to the Information Technology Director.

- Designs, enters, audits and maintains data database.
- Analyze data using tools such as Microsoft Excel to identify data trends
- Analyze potential improvements to qualify the data in a more automated way and work with the R&D team to implement the improvements
- Insures the overall data quality for the overall organization

Join Tire Intelligence and get your career on the fast track. The team is composed of operational veterans from the technology and the tire industry (Apple, Hewlett-Packard, etc.). They are committed not only to the success of the company, but also to your success! They are convinced that the best way for them to have a successful company is by giving the employees not only great benefits, but also an opportunity to learn and achieve their personal goals. Apply now!

Run 100 miles in less than 24 hours? Easy for Clint


Clint is back from a crazy run!

He was part of the Umstead Endurance Run 100 miles in Raleigh, NC.

He ran 100 miles in 23 hours and 11 minutes.

We are very proud of this amazing achievements.

Well done Clint!

Lawrence is joining Tire Intelligence

Three weeks ago, my internship at Tire Intelligence began. During those weeks I have had the chance to meet and talk with many people in the company, including the CEO and Vice President of Marketing. These conversations have allowed me to gain a better understanding of what it takes to operate a startup company such as Tire Intelligence. I have also had the opportunity to work with the System Administrator to both deploy applications and create servers. In particular, I was tasked with creating a server to handle jobs which required the installation of the open-source software Schedulix. This was a challenging task due to poor documentation. However, I did overcome it and I further honed my troubleshooting skills in the process. 

Tire Intelligence Development Team @ ZendCon 2013

Zen Conference

Tire Intelligence Application Developers were in the heart of Silicon Valley for the 9th Annual ZendCon in Santa Clara, CA. Our team spent several days attending workshop sessions, having impromptu discussions about common issues, and collaborating and networking with industry leaders and developers from around the world.

ZendCon is a “must attend” event for developers in the PHP community that brings together experts and leaders each year to discuss mobile and cloud development, continuous integration and deployment, production quality and consistency, and the emerging technologies that are on the horizon. ZendCon is presented by Zend Technologies, the makers of Zend Server and the Zend Framework upon which many of TI’s applications are built.

Tire Intelligence is committed to being on the forefront of technology, and having our development team attend this event is just another way that we are striving to meet that goal. The team has returned with tons of great ideas and connections that will benefit our infrastructure, our company, and ultimately our clients.

We are opening our Spring 2014 Internship Campaign

It is time for you to join the Tire Intelligence Internship Experience.

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Team Event at the lake!

End of September we did a team event!

The program!

1- Review the objectives we had for 2013 and make sure that we will over achieve them at the end of the year
2- Socialize
3- Enjoy the view of Lake Norman

The weather was nice, the food and the drinks also!

Thank you Tracy for organizing this great event!

Team Event October 2013 JPEG

Mark, Data Analyst Intern Testimony

Interning at Tire Intelligence has been an amazing stepping stone to move me from just a student to a confident career candidate. The staff has so much to offer; they are very willing to coach young students and teach them with a lot of challenges and grace.


Dave, Data Analyst Intern Testimony

Working at Tire Intelligence as a Data Analyst intern, has been a very enriching experience since the start of day one of my internship. Over the course of 10 weeks, little did I know that I would learn so much, in what seems like so little of time.