Tire Intelligence Development Team @ ZendCon 2013

Zen Conference

Tire Intelligence Application Developers were in the heart of Silicon Valley for the 9th Annual ZendCon in Santa Clara, CA. Our team spent several days attending workshop sessions, having impromptu discussions about common issues, and collaborating and networking with industry leaders and developers from around the world.

ZendCon is a “must attend” event for developers in the PHP community that brings together experts and leaders each year to discuss mobile and cloud development, continuous integration and deployment, production quality and consistency, and the emerging technologies that are on the horizon. ZendCon is presented by Zend Technologies, the makers of Zend Server and the Zend Framework upon which many of TI’s applications are built.

Tire Intelligence is committed to being on the forefront of technology, and having our development team attend this event is just another way that we are striving to meet that goal. The team has returned with tons of great ideas and connections that will benefit our infrastructure, our company, and ultimately our clients.

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