Be an intern at Tire Intelligence

What does it mean to be an intern at Tire Intelligence?

We asked Lawrence.

"The internship program at Tire Intelligence has been a great learning and confidence building opportunity for me, a Software & Information Systems major at UNC Charlotte. Before starting at Tire Intelligence, I did not expect to be making meaningful contributions to the company. However, I was quickly integrated into the research and development team as a systems administrator where I was tasked with many duties crucial to both the workflow of the team and the actual networked environment. On a day-to-day basis I was exposed to all aspects of the Tire Intelligence network from physical server maintenance at a datacenter to deploying end-user applications from the office. The amount and scope of hands-on, real world experience I gained at Tire Intelligence is unprecedented and something that not many interns are able to experience early on. Additionally, I was able to meet with people from all aspects of the company, ranging from the CEO to the developers, which gave me great insight of what is needed for a technology startup such as Tire Intelligence to operate. Meeting with the various people of Tire Intelligence also made my daily responsibilities meaningful because I was able to see how I was impacting and contributing to all aspects of the company. My time at Tire Intelligence has allowed me to hone my current skills while also gaining new abilities, which I will carry with me into future positions. I truly enjoyed the experience, the culture, and the people of Tire Intelligence."- Lawrence Spring 2014